The Little Room

I'm sitting in the little room

Watching you pretend that you don't love me like you used to

I can see the lies inside your eyes

I cry cause I can't forget all the things that we've been through

When the walls come crumbling down

Dust replaces the magic that we found

What if I told you that once I leave I let go?

Would you believe that I am stronger than you know?

You wished it away now I can't stay

Remember in the little room

The time we thought we had something special no one else had

Well I don't understand how something so good can turn out so bad

I know it hurts you even though you can't show it

I had to knock you down or I would have never known it

You wished it away now I can't stay

I hate the way you've made me hate you

I miss you

You couldn't say "stay"

Why can't I move on?


22 Nov 2008